Centre for Training - CFT NSW (Hawkesbury)

Centre for Training - CFT NSW (Hawkesbury)


RSA & RCG classes at the Richmond Club

Why not get your RSA & RCG qualifications the easy way, by attending a class locally with an industry professional
posted: 2:26pm 30 Aug 2021

Centre for Training specialises in NSW Government qualifications.

RSA & RCG classes regularly at the Richmond Club - why not do your training locally, class places are limited due to social distancing requirements.
Attending a class is the easiest way to get your RSA.

NSW Food Safety Supervisor Food Authority approved ONLINE training
Full course online $125.00 Recertification online $110.00

Visit our website for pre-enrolment information and to enrol yourself online,

Centre for Training - CFT NSW (Hawkesbury)

Phone: (02) 9499 3737 or 1300 661 205

Address: Francis St

Email: Click here to send an email

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