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Aus Loadshifting (ALS) Pty Ltd

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Licensing the Unlicensed

Aus Loadshifting: an approved registered training organisation (RTO) since Sept 2009. Contact ALS to book your course!
posted: 4:31pm 09 Jan 2019

We are a family business, that has been providing licences to the unlicenced since 2000. We are a committed company that values our customers.

While maintaining all SafeWork NSW and the Australian Skills Quality Authorities standards and policies, we will support and encourage a competent result.

Training Courses and Assessments Services offered:
Refresher Training
RTO support for Training Providers
Assessment Outlines
Course Outlines
About Course Trainers and Assessors
Course Outcome

Our Services

Earthmoving Licence
TLILIC2001 Forklift
TLILIC2005 Elevated Work Platform over 11m
TLID2045 Elevated Work Platform under 11m
RIIMP0318E Skid Steer Type Loader
RIIMP0319D Loader Backhoe
RIIMPO320E Excavator
RIIMP0321B Wheeled Loader
RIIMP0322A Tracked Loader
CPCCLDG3001A Dogging
CPCCLRG3001A Rigging

Truck Licence
TLILIC20014 Light Rigid Vehicle (LR)
TLILIC20015 Medium Rigid Vehicle (MR)
TLILIC20016 Heavy Rigid (HR)
TLILIC20017 Heavy Combination Vehicle (HC)
TLILIC20018 Multi-Combination (MC)

Refresher Training - Skid Steer Loader & Excavator
Are you already licensed with little operating time we can teach you the correct techniques to operate in a simulated environment on a hourly basis.

RTO support for Training Providers
ALS is a registered training organisation who can work in partnership with training providers to comply with current OHS requirements and minimise time needed for record keeping paperwork.

Assessment Outlines
  • The test will contain 2 parts
  • Knowledge - Written/Oral exam containing various amount of question depending on class. All classes of exams contain critical questions.
  • Performance – Driving Assessment. You must show you can do a pre-operation checks, post operation checks and show that you are competent in the machines driving.

Course Outlines
  • Practical Training
  • Pre and Post operational checks on all Loadshifting equipment
  • Tutorials on all Question relating to the Assessment Test.

About Course Trainers and Assessors
  • All course trainers have a certificate IV in training & assessing
  • Assessors are all WorkCover Accredited
  • Courses and assessments can be performed Onsite or at a Training centre near you.

Course Outcome

High Risk Work (LF and EWP)
  • If an applicant is not successful they are issued with an Assessment Summary (AS)
  • An AS is valid for 90 days
  • An applicant cannot operate under an AS
  • If an applicant successfully completes an assessment a Notice of Satisfactory Assessment (NSA) is issued.
  • Applicants can operate under a NSA for 60 days
  • The NSA, application and fee etc must be lodged with Australia post within 60 days.
Recognition of Formal Training and Assessment: (LS, LE, LB and LL)

Aus Loadshifting (ALS) Pty Ltd

Phone: 0416 155 052

Address: 4 Purcell Road
Londonderry NSW 2753

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