From Sydney:
78kms   ·  70 mins by car   ·  100 mins by public transport
Quick Stats:
3,062 population (2016 Census)

Kurrajong, East Kurrajong, Kurrajong Hills and Kurrajong Heights, places of beauty and refuge. Located approximately 78km north of Sydney, only a little over an hours drive, Kurrajong provides an ideal place to escape the bustle of city life.

In Australia's indigenous peoples language, Kurrajong means "shade tree". In early times, the the kurrajong tree seeds were roasted as a coffee substitute.

Now 'real' coffee and home-style cooking smells permeate the many cafes, restaurants and antique shops. Relax after exploring the charming scenery of rolling green hills, panoramic views, country hospitality, amidst the unique call of the bell birds.


History lovers will appreciate the old buildings and churches, collectors will be lost in the antique shops, there is something for everyone. Experience one of the many friendly Bed and Breakfasts that cater to those who are looking for brief, relaxing get-aways. 

Enjoy the greater north western region of the beautiful Hawkesbury Valley, Wollemi National Park. This is Wollemi Pine country. East Kurrajong is flanked by rolling green hills with glimpses of bushland hiding the vast wilderness area beyond.

"To those who would soothe their shattered nerves, revive their jaded spirits, regain their vibrant health and vigorous appetite, to all who would seek the tonic of pure air and the exhilaration of beautiful scenery, the call of Kurrajong is simply irresistible."

W.S. Arnold, Superintendent of Soldier Settlement Scheme


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