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Keeping Hawkesbury Close to Your Heart

Source: Jacqueline Ball
Archived 26 Apr 2020 - Posted: 27 Feb 2020
Last year, over 114 million people* visited NSW, no doubt returning home with memories and souvenirs of a wonderful trip.

For those who come to explore all that Hawkesbury has to offer, there's no shortage of unique mementos to treasure when looking back on your time here. From locally created arts and crafts to delicious delights on the Farmgate Trail, Hawkesbury has plenty to take home and take pride in long after your trip has ended.

Art from the heart

Hawkesbury is home to numerous galleries and art studios, where you can support local artists by buying their work. Whether you love Yvonne West’s seascapes, Gemini’s glass bowls and vases, or something more contemporary from Purple Noon, there are plenty of beautiful mementos to take back with you. Alternatively, you could sign up to take part in a mosaic or pottery class and create your own work of art to remind you of your time here. 

The jewel of NSW

Just as made to measure fashion is growing in popularity in Australia, talented jewellery designers are also turning their hands to bespoke pieces made to order. Hawkesbury’s Tracy Kelly Jewellery Design, for example, offers custom made jewellery, as well as the remodelling of older pieces. For a uniquely personal souvenir, why not commission a stunning pair of earrings? You could even add a new piercing to display them in! With celebrities including Beyonce and Rihanna embracing multiple piercings, now’s a good time to be adventurous. You could try a Helix piercing, which is usually less painful, or even a Daith piercing, which some people believe can help to reduce migraines.  Creating bespoke jewellery is a beautiful adventure, but make sure you have budgeted for it within your overall trip costs. Similarly, getting a new piercing can be a fun and long lasting way to remember a trip, but look for a salon that has good hygiene practices and reviews.

Bank the experience

One of the very best ways to store memories from Hawkesbury is to be open to the world of opportunities on offer and soak them up.  Scientists have confirmed that part of the joy of a souvenir is its role as evidence of an experience: a snapshot of a moment you have shared in. In Hawkesbury, food and wine lovers are spoilt for choice for such moments with the delis, brewers, farms and bakers in the area. Take home delicious treats to savour with friends and family, while you tell them about the flavours, smells and tastes you enjoyed.  Alternatively, if you prefer your holidays with a little more action, take a Go Pro out with you. From national parks to river creatures and birds, abseiling to water skiing, and Glow Worm caves to orchards, you can capture every moment and look back on it later.

With its natural beauty and vibrant people, Hawkesbury is an amazing place to make memories. It’s even better to take a piece of it home with you to help you look back on your experience with joy. Whether you decide on a piece of art, a custom made jewellery creation, or even a more personal souvenir, once you’ve opened your heart to Hawkesbury, you’re sure to carry it with you forever.

* Source Destination NSW
Photo by Krys Alex on Unsplash

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