Sydney Hills Hawkesbury History


1913 Joseph Cook, Member for Parramatta (which then included Baulkham Hills Shire) became the Prime Minister of Australia. Water pipes in Showground Road were connected to the Sydney Water Supply. By 1917 there were water pipes in Baulkham Hills.
1920 Slab huts in Windsor Road , Baulkham Hills, just south east of the crossroads, were used in the filming of "On our Selection".
1920s Poultry and egg production replaced citrus and stone fruits as the main industry.
1923 A train service from Westmead to Castle Hill replaced the tram. It was extended to Rogans Hill in 1924.
1926 Electricity came to Baulkham Hills and Castle Hill.
1932 The Railway closed mainly due to the advent of the combustion engine used in trucks, cars and buses that, in turn, needed a wider main road.
1933 Population of the Shire was 8,075.
1956 Population of the Shire was 16,500.
1960s Urban development accelerated from this time.
1970 Population of the Shire was 52,000.
1971 Sewerage connection was available to residents in Baulkham Hills; Castle Hill followed in 1977.
1975 Population of the Shire was 70,000.
1979 The first stage of Castle Towers Shopping Centre was commenced with additions following in 1982, 1989, 1993, 1999 and 2001.
1980 Population of the Shire was 90, 000. The NSW Department of Environment and Planning began looking at the potential development of the Rouse Hill area.
1988 The Hills Centre for the Performing Arts was opened at Castle Hill.
1991 Population of the Shire was 114,032.
1997 Baulkham Hills Shire Council obtained title to two significant heritage sites: Castle Hill Heritage Park and Bella Vista Farm.  
2000 Population of the Shire was 131,000.  
2001 Rouse Hill Regional Centre plans were revealed. Population reaches 147,000.  
2004 Bicentenary of the Castle Hill Rebellion and Battle of Vinegar Hill. The former Castle Hill Government Farm was opened as Castle Hill Heritage Park by NSW Governor, Professor Marie Bashir.  


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