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Expired Event - Supporting Your Kids Through Loss & Grief - 27 Feb 2019

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Supporting Your Kids Through Loss & Grief

Wed 27 Feb 2019
Tools for Parents© Richmond Community Services Inc. is pleased to be able to offer a FREE group with FREE childcare. For parents/primary carers of children 0-12years.

Children’s loss can be associated with a range of experiences such as from the death of a family member or friend or even someone they admire on TV -to separation of parents, death of a pet, moving schools, losing a relationship of close friend, even losing their security blanket! We will look at how you can help your child manage their feelings and reactions now - while also teaching them skills they can use into the future.

Bookings essential. Please contact us by phone or email below.
Richmond Neighbourhood Centre
20 West Market Street
Bookings Essential on
  02 4588 3502

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